The Crossing of the Red Sea

Aerial photo of the northern end of the Red Sea. During the last century, professional archaeologists searched the Gulf of Suez (the western branch) and found nothing. Finally in 1978, Ron Wyatt, an ameteur archaeologist with a passion for the bible, was shown by God that they were looking in the wrong place. The blue oval on the above map shows where he was led to search in the Gulf of Aquaba (the eastern branch of the RedSea). This gulf is very deep, generally around 5000 feet, but at this point there is a "bridge", still quite deep at around 2800 feet (850m) in the middle. It was not just freak weather that allowed the Israelites to cross. The parting of the waters, the most awesome display of God's saving power in the Old Testament, was intended to be etched into the minds of the Hebrews for all time. The photos below show what Ron and his divers found - nothing less than the remains of Pharoah's army! I believe it is God's intention that this evidence is etched into our minds as well. The yellow circle indictes the true location of the Mt. Sinai of the bible. It is the peak Jabal Al Lawz in Saudi Arabia (see next section for details).

A 4-spoked chariot wheel covered in gold leaf. It must have belonged to someone of great importance - a high priest, a nobleman, perhaps Pharoah himself. Ron's team also found many 6-spoked and 8-spoked chariot wheels. The only time in Egypt's history when chariots with 4-spoked, 6-spoked and 8-spoked wheels were used at the same time was the reign of Pharoah Thutmosos IV in the 18th dynasty, around 1400 BC. This agrees well with the biblical date of the Exodus.

An axle from an overturned chariot, with two wheels, encrusted in coral.

A human ribcage encrusted in yellow coral. Many bones of men and horses were seen at the site, and some were collected.

On the western side of the crossing site, then under Israeli control, Ron's team found this pillar lying in the water. It was later erected by the Israeli authorities. On the eastern side of the crossing, a similar pillar was found still standing. On it was a phoenician (ancient Hebrew) inscription with recognisable words Mizraim (Egypt), Solomon, Edom, death, Pharoah, Moses and Yahweh (Almighty God). From this, it is reasonable to deduce that King Solomon had these columns erected in honour of Yahweh and dedicated them to the miracle of the Exodus. This eastern column has since been removed by the Saudi authorities and replaced by a plaque.

These and other of Ron's photographs above have recently been published in "The Exodus Case" by Lennart Moller. Click here for my book review.

Another site with intersting material and similar photos is


There are also videos depicting the same discoveries:

"Exodus Discovered", narrated by Ron's widow, Mary Nell Wyatt, is available from
Wyatt Archaeological Research, 2502 Lynnville Hwy, Cornersville, Tennessee 37047, USA.

The video "Surprising Discoveries 2," narrated by Jonathan Gray (a collegue of Wyatt), is available from Surprising Discoveries, PO Box 78510, Thames 3540 New Zealand.

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