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Jesus said "I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life."

Jesus wants to be our representative before the throne of God, but he does not automatically become our representative - we have to decide for ourselves if we want him. In this world, if we are summoned before a court of law, we can either use a defence counsel, or we can attempt to defend ourselves. In the world that is to come, we will appear before God in a heavenly court to account for our lives. We can either have Jesus represent us, in which case God has promised to acquit us, or we represent ourselves, in which case we will be found guilty.

So the choice is yours. You can become a disciple of Jesus and accept him as your representative, in which case you will receive all that he has promised, including eternal life. Or else you can continue to resist or ignore, in which case you will miss out on all that he has made possible. My hope and prayer is that you will gladly accept Jesus as your representative. This is what Jesus meant when he called people to believe in him. It is what he had in mind when he invited people to come to him.

If you want to believe in him, to come to him, you can do so now! You can pray to him in your own words. Either do this with a friend or pastor, or just pray on your own. The key things you need to do are:

This response is what the new testament means by repentance and faith. It is the way we become disciples of Jesus. If it is genuine it results in a profound and growing love for him, as we more deeply grasp his love for us.

While becoming a believer, a disciple, may be a very personal moment, the life of a disciple is a public one. Jesus calls his disciples to publicly acknowledge him by being baptised, a significant act which emphasises the fact that he has cleansed us from our sins. Jesus also calls his disciples to meet together to be instructed, and to encourage and love one another.

So if today you have come to believe in Jesus, I encourage you to contact a local church, and become part of a community who love him, and are loved by him. If you now believe in Jesus, or if you think you need to find out more before making a decision, go to the next section titled:

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